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A Transformational Journey from Chaos to Mindful Organization

Do you find yourself in organizational chaos? You are not alone. My “flow” when I’m in peak performance, is VERY messy, but I have developed a unique approach to streamline my processes. I’m no longer living in constant stress, neglecting any of my interest areas or stifling my creativity. Before organizational enlightenment, I missed appointments, lost opportunities and made bad decisions. And, my life was completely out of balance. Secrets to my system: Consistency. Persistence. Routine. Office supplies. Positive Mindset. Organization is a founding principle of creating life balance and to living in peace & joy.

“To do” lists are my keys to sanity. I love unloading my ideas onto the safety and sanctity of paper. What an amazing time management and prioritization tool, if used for maximum effect. Everyone is different in the form and substance of their lists – paper, digital, recorded on smart phones, but the outcome is the same: increased productivity, focus, clarity, satisfaction and profitability.

“I have a million ideas”, one of my clients told me. I don’t want to be pinned down or confined by lists, schedules or calendars, she confides. She’s a brilliant art entrepreneur – an amazing abstract painter with so much talent she glows. Stalled in the pursuit of building a thriving business by chronic last minute jumbles of frenetic activity, she was often distracted, unavailable and not painting. She missed meetings and deadlines. She began the organizational process somewhat hesitantly, not really trusting herself to operate differently. I gently guided her to confront her resistance to organization, and to move beyond it. “I know that to sell more art, I need to plan and organize,” she says, near tears. “What’s gotten in the way? I asked.

With remarkable courage, she identified her mental and emotional blocks based on core belief systems that were no longer serving her. Armed with this new knowledge, she began to make lists in earnest – a task she has spent a lifetime avoiding. And, she created a living project board, her own idea. It is simply a bulletin board on which are tacked sheets of paper representing each key area of her life: home, education, family, spiritual, fun and her three businesses, among others. Eventually she took the project board data and added due dates and time lines, and from there to an 18-month calendar. She vows to always be ready for the next opportunity, deadline or appointment. She is now prepared. More on her progress in future blog posts!

Everyone is different in how they approach this foundational key to success. There is no cookie cutter approach or “how to” methodology that suits all. Organization is a dynamic, organic process. As life happens, so your processes evolve. Share with me your struggles and success stories. Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Roz

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