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About Me

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I live a very happy, joyful life here in Southern Maine with my yellow Labrador retriever, Conway. I dabble in various art projects, walk the beach daily, and engage extensively with my community, friends and family, with whom I have developed deep relationships. I still have time to travel, go to the theater and practice healthy selfcare. I’m also a conference organizer. My passion is building my coaching practice – helping others realize their potential through mindful organization, prioritizing and planning.

Get on the Fast Track to Manage Your Life Efficiently & Productively

I am not naturally organized. It takes constant vigilance for me to manage my life efficiently and productively while living in peace and serenity. I had to learn the hard way – one mistake at a time – over many years of basic life experience and a prosperous career history.  And that’s why I launched this coaching business: to help you get on the fast track to organizing success so you can achieve any goal – from simply keeping a tidy home to spending more time doing what you love -- a lot faster than it took me.

A brief history: My life was completely unmanageable. I missed or was late for appointments, double booked myself, left many projects unfinished, neglected key areas of my life, and was always rushing around, losing my keys or wallet, and generally living chaotically – never getting to the things I really wanted to do. I actually didn’t even know what I truly wanted to do. After many years of chaos, I gradually came to the realization that I needed to change my whole approach to life.

Change Your Thinking: Living in Mindful Organization

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I learned how to rewire my brain to think more positively and very differently. I started to gradually explore and clean out my physical, emotional, spiritual and digital spaces. I took classes, joined community organizations, listened to and read many books, joined social media groups, talked to experts and experimented with different approaches to organization. On a very basic level, I learned how to schedule (literally how to effectively use a calendar). I discovered the secret of reverse engineering my time to allow moments to breathe, process and then move on to the next activity without rushing, being late or being preoccupied with something left unfinished. More deeply, I changed my thinking: started living mindfully in each moment, banished negativity, practiced simplifying tasks to make them more manageable, set realistic expectations, prioritized self care and so much more.

Getting Started: Do One Thing Differently Today

Your whole world can change by doing something different today, like making your bed in the morning or always putting your keys in the same place – no matter what. Really. It begins with just one simple change! Getting started is the biggest step, and it’s especially hard beginning and maintaining momentum on your own.

"The Most Organized Person I Know!"

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Today, my friends and family call me “the most organized person I know.” Recently, I planned a trip to Maine for my Mom, who lives in Pennsylvania. I had to coordinate other peoples’ schedules, because naturally, Mom wanted to see all my friends! The trip also entailed reserving appointments for restaurants and various activities – including an art class and a day trip – while also allowing for plenty of time to relax. It was harder than planning a conference & exhibition for hundreds of executives! But I loved every minute. It’s so much fun!

Creating Time to Focus on What You Love. Achieving a Healthy Life Balance

I’ve worked hard to achieve a healthy life balance. But the only way to reach that wonderful level of being, for me, is to keep myself organized. I have learned and created so many time-saving organizational tips and tricks from the simplest activity such as shopping for groceries or cleaning out a closet, to more complex projects like launching or expanding a new business, writing a resume, planning a trip, learning a new hobby, developing more intimate relationships or getting physically fit. Organization gives you the ultimate freedom: TIME. And we all want more than 24 hours in a day. Join me to discover the secrets to organizational success and to actualize your dreams. Call today!

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