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Are you in recovery and in some stage of leading a business?


If so, I have been where you are now.  I am a successful entrepreneur who has started and built thriving businesses while actively engaging in my recovery and growing personally and professionally.

As an entrepreneur in long-term recovery, I am quick to understand the challenges you face. I will gently guide you to overcome barriers – real, imagined or hidden -- to transform your business venture into a prosperous company while creating balance and fulfilment in all areas of your life. Learn step-by-step approaches to becoming an enlightened entrepreneur who enjoys the process of becoming abundant and prosperous one minute at a time.


My coaching practice is designed for entrepreneurs in recovery from addictions and disruptive life challenges. Whether you are in start-up mode or are already a business owner with a desire to achieve more, you will benefit from my personal and professional experience so you can thrive, serve others, and make the money you need to live well.  Since 2014, I have been a mentor/coach and have helped many recovering professionals overcome serious life challenges and achieve their business and personal goals and dreams.

Coaching, mentoring, and being a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs capitalizes on everything I’ve learned and experienced during my 30+ year entrepreneurial and executive career. I began my recovery journey in 1993. Armed with new-found strength, energy and wisdom, I started and built a multi-million-dollar events division for a global company. While there, I created a successful mentoring program, which was quickly adopted world-wide. Thus, my love of mentoring and coaching began.


When my career lurched to a stop in the late 90s due to corporate burn out, which was exacerbated by underlying personal struggles that surfaced 3 years into my recovery, I left my high-powered position and tried other ventures which failed in a big way. I thought my life was over. At the time, I didn’t realize that those experiences were gifts. For the first time, I was able to focus on me.  I used the opportunity to reinvent myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I created balance in my life.

After 2 years of unemployment and extensive recovery work, I launched a new business: a thriving dog walking company, which grew to serve 65 dogs a week. I overcame seemingly insurmountable financial and emotional challenges and survived and thrived against all odds. Most recently, I tackled my food addiction and lost over 135 pounds over a few years and gained more peace and serenity, clarity, focus and joy in my life.

My promise to you: I will use all that I have learned as a business leader and entrepreneur in recovery to guide you to achieve your professional and personal goals and dreams.

Roz enjoys her recovery and coaching business from Southern Maine, where she gratefully lives with her Yellow Labrador Retriever, climbs mountains, walks the beach daily, takes art classes and engages extensively with her community.

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