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Clearing Mental Clutter - Mindful Organizational Strategies for Peaceful & Abundant Living

Roz Applebaum - Inspirational Coach & Mentor

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Roz Applebaum mentor and life coach at a stormy beach.
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I’ve worked hard to achieve a healthy life balance. But the only way to reach that wonderful level of being is to keep myself organized. I have learned and created so many time-saving organizational tips from the simplest activity such as grocery shopping or cleaning out a closet, to more complex projects like launching a business, writing a resume, planning a trip, learning a new hobby, developing more intimate relationships or getting physically fit. Organization gives you the ultimate freedom: TIME. And we all want more than 24 hours in a day.

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Are you experiencing challenges in prioritizing & planning? Do you routinely lose important items? Do you find yourself always rushing and pressed for time? Are you neglecting your purpose, your interests, your family, self care or something else you truly value? Do you have piles of clutter? Are you overwhelmed? That was my world until I discovered the secrets to organizational success.

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“Roz got me to commit to action steps that both feel right and actively challenge my resistance, so I feel held, seen and supported. Plus, I can see my resistance and choose a different route! It’s like structured nurturance to help me move out of fear/stuckness into flow.”

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